Best Combination Locks – Reviews And Buying Guide 2021

No matter you are a homemaker, businessman or any other profession, you need to keep your valuables safe, right?

If positive, then nothing could be more important than a safe and secure place for your important stuff. One of the Best combination Locks can be the tool for rescue. If chosen in a right way, this tiny, affordable but secure lock.

But as most of the other essentials, there are hundreds of locks from more than hundred brands. So, which one is the best value provider for your need?

This is something this article is all about. In this article, our research and editorial team has researched out the Best Combinational Locks on the market and reviewed their pros and cons with further discussion.

So, let’s give it a go…

5 Best Combination Locks Reviews 2020



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Master Lock 5423RD Lock Box

Stainless Steel Combination Padlock

Serene Life Fireproof Lock Box

Master Lock 542ND Lock Box

Master Lock 1530DCM Combination Lock

 5 Best Combination Locks Reviews 2020

1. Master Lock 5423D Lock Box Review:

Keys, chips, master cards or many small essentials are there which are tiny in size, but important in terms of necessity. To let you store all your keys, access cards, credit cards, Master Lock 5423D Lock Box can be the safest place ever. Considering both internal and external safety, we set it right on the top of our rank. Let’s get deeper with our #1 pick Master Lock 5423D Lock Box-

Features and Benefits

A Safe and Easy to Use 12 Numbers Lock Combination

There are options to set a combination of 1 to 12 numbers in this lock, each number can be used only once. You can set the combination lock just by opening the secure cover. The number can be adjusted by screwing up the 12 screws at the panel. You can use the ‘Recode Tool' plastic piece as a flat head screwdriver.

Hook to Safely Store Your Keys and Small Essentials

Inside the box, there are numbers of hooks to hang and store car keys, office or home keys etc. No matter you are inside the home or out, no need to worry about the door jamming or being locked inside anymore. As long as you have this Master Lock 5423D Lock Box with your keys safe in it, you are ready to move safely.

Built-in A Convenient Easy-to-use Way

Having a first glance at the lock, we found it extremely convenient design, and a pocket-friendly. You can keep all the small essentials at it and protect them all with a secure alpha code. The buttons are large in size and easy to enter combinations. Also, the body is made of metal. Thus, it’s string and sturdy in structure.

A Large Internal Cavity to Store all Your Small Essentials

This Master Lock 5423D Lock Box is a wall mount lock box that can store your small essentials. Inside the box, there are enough space multiple keys, credit cards etc. With ample security, you can always keep them with you and if anyone gets access to it, they can’t un break it in any way.

What We Liked

  • Best for pocket use and to store essentials.
  • A safe place to put keys, cards, and any other tiny stuff.
  • Ample room in the box to store multiple items.
  • 12-digit combination lock.
  • A card made flat screwdriver provided to set the combination.
  • Weatherproof cover to keep the lock safe.
  • Affordable price and best uses for the money.
  • Easy to reset the combination code.

What We Didn't Like

  • Not for external use like doors, cases etc.


Considering pocket uses of a combination box, we found Master Lock 5423D Lock Box the best product on the market. If you feel that your keys and cards and other small essentials to be safest ever, this affordable combination key lock box as the best.

2. Stainless Steel Combination Padlock Review:

Right after a pocket-friendly lock box from Master Lock brand, we got a lock for larger-base use from the same brand. This time, it’s for larger uses for your vaults, house doors or similar purposes. With the safe and strong structure and awesome combination style, we think you’d like everything about this Stainless-Steel Combination Padlock.

Features and Benefits

Stainless Steel Structure for More Secure

The first thing that caught our attention is the structure of this Stainless-Steel Combination Padlock. Made of stainless steel and the size of 48 mm width, is a perfect security for your doors and vaults. Thieves and frauds can do their best but can’t put a scratch on it for sure.

The 3 Digit Locking System

3 digit can sound so light, but we can assure you that it’s not. Right in front of the frontal panel of this lock, you can set the lock by yourself. Just being a three-digit number, you can remember it well. And think about it, if you set the lock in a right way, thieves have to try thousands of numbers. So, a three-digit lock is safe enough, don’t worry.

Anti-Shim Technology for More Security

Apart from typical locks, this Stainless-Steel Combination Padlock features an Anti-shim technology. What it means is, you will get more security with this lock system from the thieves and frauds.

What We Liked

  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Double armored.
  • The shackle is made of hardened steel.
  • Extra cut combination of resistance.
  • 3 digits dialing key lock feature.
  • Provides 1500+ combinations for optimal security.
  • A good buy for the money.

What We Didn't Like

  • No Cons


Although, you can't use this lock system for personal pocket use, if you're thinking about a lock system for secure home and vaults or anything similar, we strongly recommend you to get the Stainless-Steel Combination Padlock. With a promise of great brand value, this would be the best buy for the money.

3. Serene Life Fireproof Lock Box Review

Till now, we've talked about one pocket-sized lock system and a lock that can be used on doors or large vaults. But tight here, we have a product that is ideal for use as a small pouch-sized box. But this is not just a lock and use typical vault. You will get a full-proof scheme of combination lock security with it.

We are talking about the Serene life Fireproof Lock Box. It can be the best way to protect your ornaments, money, small and medium-sized essential items and anything similar. Let's dig deep into its features and see what else it has got-

Features and Benefits

Ultra-Strong Structure

When it comes to a mid-sized security box like Serene Life Fireproof Lock Box, the foremost question that comes to everyone's mind is- How strong it is? Well, we can assure you about its string and sturdy structure. It's made of solid stainless steel in the material is completely reinforced. The wall construction promises optimal security and safety.

Fire-safe and Drop-safe Structure 

Why does a combination lock box need to be fireproof or drop safe? Well, you already know the answer. In most of the cases, we would like to keep the most essential and valuable items in a safe place. Items like money, ornaments, keys etc. are meant to be damaged in case of fire or accidental drop down.

The structure of this Serene Life Fireproof Lock Box promised complete safety from both of the unexpected cases. So, you can leave the worries of damaging your essentials alone.

Pre drilled Features for Easy Mounting

Some of the users like their safe boxes to be mounted on walls or cabinets. For users like those, Serene Life Fireproof Lock Box can be a symbol of promise. There is number of per-drilled holes in it that let you mount it with the walls, cabinets or floors.

A Battery Operated Digital Locking System

The number combination lock system is digitally powered by 2 AA batteries. The batteries are not provided with the box. But you can easily get those on the local super shop.

Digital Fingerprint Recognition

The last but one of the most exciting features of this product is its capability to recognize human fingerprints. To keep your stuff safe, you can let it identify you as an owner just by storing your fingerprints in its digital memory. It takes thumbs as a recognized and you should keep the finger dry for using it. As a combination lock, I’ve seen very few of the models to provide such a security scheme.

What We Liked

  • String stainless steel structure.
  • Dual panel structure for more safety.
  • Digital fingerprint sensor.
  • Pouch activated number panel.
  • Digital module that runs of 2 AA batteries.
  • Two sets of keys provided for multiple users.
  • Easily mountable with walls or floors.

What We Didn't Like

  • A bit expensive for people who need a safe box within budget.


Very few of the brands come up with such a perfect blend of structure and safety. No matter how sensitive, break-prone or valuable the item is, you can always trust Serene Life Fireproof Lock Box to put your small or medium-sized items into it. Although it's quite an expensive product, we think it worth the money that you would invest in it. Therefore, we think it's a great value for the user.

4. Master Lock 5425D Lock Box Review:

At the #4 ranked product on our list, we've got another lock system from Master Lock brand that's dedicated to small basis uses. It's a 4-digit lockup system that can be mounted on your walls or fixed fixtures. As the size of this product says, you can store all your tiny but necessary essentials like keys, car keys, car controls, access cards, master cards etc. Keep reading the rest of its features and you'll explore more of it.

Features and Benefits

Large and Lit Up Dials that are Easy to See

At the first glance, you may think that, as this product is a small sized one, you can hardly see the dials from a distance. But to surprise you, the dial pad has an automatic lit up system that enlightens the dealer as long as you open up the cover. This surely provided a better visible appearance of the dial panel. In case of low light scenario, this can be even a better beneficiary.

A Large Opening Level for More Comfort to Use

When you want to put your car remote controls, keys or master cards inside the lock box, sometimes it can't take because of the small opening. But this product right here has a decent size of the opening that can take small sized essentials without any hardship. Therefore, it's more comfortable to use and permanent as well.

Easy to Mount on Walls and Cabinets

The hardware that comes with this product is a pretty simple-to-setup mounting system. Most of the cases, users have to find the way of mounting these types of small lock systems on their fixtures. But in case of Master Lock 5425D Lock Box, we assure you that even if you’re a first-time user, you won’t find any difficulties in mounting it up in any wall or fixed fissures.

The Internals Cavity is Large Enough to House Your Essentials

At the first glance, you may find this product to be insufficient. But we’ve had a good look at its dimensions and internal room. We're pretty sure that if you want to store your car remotes, keys or MasterCard or access cards, it can house it all.

The Four-Digit Combination Lock for Safety Access

Now it comes to the point of security of this combination locks. In the case of this product, we have a four-digit combination lock. Each of the digits comes from a rolling scroll down number pad that contains digits from 0 to 9. You can adjust your personal unlocking code just by pressing the numbers down. To make your job even easier, this Master Lock 5425D Lock Box has a got a LED back light that enlightens the number pads up.

What We Liked

  • A durable leather cover comes with it for longevity.
  • It’s easy to mount and the hardware is user-friendly.
  • Lighted up dial pads for more visibility.
  • 4-digit combination lock system.
  • Ample room inside to house a few of your tiny essentials.
  • Very good value for money.
  • Best used for personal security.

What We Didn't Like

  • Doesn’t have any finger recognition system.


Like any best product from the brand Master Lock, this Master Lock 5425D Lock Box is best at its job. In case of you're looking for a cheap and budget-friendly locking system, this Master Lock 5425D Lock Box is for you. Try it out to keep your keys, cards or any tiny essentials safe and sound.

5. Master Lock Combination Lock Review

Eventually, we are at the bottom of the entire review and had our last ranked product from Master Lock. Although it's placed in a lower order for a few drawbacks, we still are an admirer of it. The wait it’s designed and built, most of the times it will save if from stealing attempts. Moreover, it's the only padlock system from the brand that's on our list. So, be sure that it will keep its promises. Let's crawl through rest of the review-

Features and Benefits

An Aluminum-based Structure for Better Strength

Till now, most of the combination locks that we’re witnessed, contain steel made bodies. But what do you think about an Aluminum made one?

In case you’re confused in the dilemma, we assure you that Aluminum is no less than stainless steel. IN fact, because of being Aluminum made, it will be very light to weight. But because of the lightness in weight, it’s not that it compromises with its performance.

Best Used on Personal Space Locker

No matter you're the school going student or a sportsman, you might have a place of your own, where you store all your necessary essentials. This time with Master Lock 5425D Lock Box, make those precious places even more authentic. No one could break this record of such a string and safe security for your personal space.

The 3 Digit Combination for Safety

Most of the locks from the brand Master Lock comes with a three-digit safety scheme. At the first glance, it may be hard to understand that it’s an unsafe one. But that's where the brand value comes on the stage. They have provided a possibility of 1500+ unlocking key combination right from this 3 digit-panel. 

What We Liked

  • Made string and hardened steel.
  • Double standard security scheme for safer use.
  • A 3-digit combination with 1500+ possible lock combination.
  • Quite unbreakable in terms of strength.

What We Didn't Like

  • Malfunctions quite sometimes.


We don’t say that Master Lock 5425D Lock Box is the most demand able product on the market of 2018. But still, you can give it a try for the sake of its brand value.

A Glimpse on The Technical Side of a Combination Lock

More or less, we all know how a combination lock works. But ever wondered how they work on such an awesome way? Well, in this section of this article, we are going to talk a little about the technical aspects about the internal and external structure of a combination lock. This won’t only inform you about the technical specs, but also to understand what type of combination lock is required for different purposes.

A combination lock has two parts in terms of structure- Internal and External. Let’s talk about both of them a bit-

  • The Internal Part of a Combination Lock
    The internal parts of a medium sized combination lock are pretty small in size. In fact, except the spring, no other of the internal parts can be extended more than five centimetres or so. They are in mainly the job of building the locking mechanism inside the lock.
    The main parts of the internal section are the levers, lever posts, disc shafts, disc spacers and many more. The most crucial part that plays important role in the mechanism is the combination discs. There are two, three or four of them in a lock, based on the type you’re using.
  • The External Part of a Combination Lock
    The core section of the outsider external part of a lock is mainly the combination dial. In most of the cases, except the electric locks, a combination dial is that one control which sets the pattern or numbers. Also, a latch that can fit into the notch, works to deliver the number pattern to the internal mechanism.

5 Steps to Start Using a Combination Lock

When you’ll be done with buying your own combination lock, go through these simple 5-step methods to start using it right away-

Step 1- Pull the shackle up to unlock the system.

Step 2- Rotate the shackle to an angle of 90 degree. It’s clockwise in most cases.

Step 3- Hold the lock down and continue to rotate the clock another 90 degree.

Step 4- Turn the dials and set your own combination for the first time. Try to be as easy as possible. Make sure you put some pattern of number that would be easy to remember.

Step 5- Turn the shackle back and test the new combination to check that if it works or not.

Bottom Line

We had been the reviews of best combination locks on the market. Considering all the aspects of lock strength, sizes and price-quality ratio, you shouldn't have made your own buying shortlist. Take the security of your essentials into next level with one of this list.

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