Best Fuel Injector Cleaner – Reviews And Buying Guide 2020

Looking for the fuel injector cleaners around? Congratulation, you are at the right place.

Before jumping into the discussion about the fuel injector cleaners, we would like to discuss a bit about fuel injectors themselves. Because why would you need a Best fuel injector cleaner tool if you don’t know why exactly you need it?

A fuel injector is the part of your engine which guides and forces the fuel in the combustion chamber of your engine, where it is burned. It is the simplest definition to understand. However, the real thing is much more complicated.

Fuel injectors can often get jammed. Because of that, it is natural that you will fail to start your engine. In order to minimize this problem, it is only logical that you go with the best cleaning solution for your fuel injection system.

In order to rid you the daunting and tedious task of choosing a cleaning kit for your fuel injector, we have gone through a large number of products. Also, we have tried to bring out their ups and downs to the best of our knowledge.

So, let’s jump right in!

5 Best fuel injector cleaner in This Year



Engine Suitability

Notable Feature


Sea Foam SF-16-24PK Motor Treatment - 16 oz.

Gasoline and diesel engines

Pure solution for multiple applications

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment - Concentrated Gas Formula 32 oz

Gasoline engine only

Gasoline stabilization with the smooth and enhanced combustion

Lucas Oil 10013-PK4 Fuel Treatment

Diesel and gasoline engines

Helps to expand the lifespan of the engine

Liqui Moly Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner

Diesel engines only

Offers smooth idling and throttle response

Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner - 15 Ounce

Gasoline engine only

Synthetic lubricant with certified purity

What to look for in a cleaning kit for injectors

In our review, we will not deal with fuel injector cleaning machine. But we will talk about the various features of a fuel injector cleaning solutions, which are easy and more affordable.

Now comes to the question about usability and functionality. So, what should you look for when you are looking for a cleaning kit?

Fuel injectors are certainly complicated to deal with. In fact, a small mistake can contribute to some form of irregularity, even failure in many cases. So, it is better to deal with it in a way that would not cause any harm to the fuel injection system.

So, here are some things that we think are probably best for you and your engines safety.

Finding the right chemical components

Fuel injector cleaners are basically fuel additives which run through the gas pump, fuel line, and fuel injector assembly. In fact, these additives will run through the engine and clean up the fuel pump and engine.

Now, there are three renowned chemical components which you should probably know about.

  • Polyether Amine or PEA is a nitrogen-based chemical component that is capable of withstanding high temperatures. Also, it is capable of removing solid carbon deposits and other such materials with ease.
  • Polyisobutene or PIB is another chemical additive which eliminates any possibility of clogging in the engine. Moreover, with PIB, there is no possibility of any form of residue build-up whatsoever.
  • Polyisobutylene Amine or PIBA is the third additive in our list. In case of higher temperatures, it does lack the overall efficiency. Also, it is not as efficient as PEA in terms of cleaning up any sort of residues. But overall, the cleaning performance is not that bad.

In short, you should probably look at cleaning solutions containing these chemicals. In case of efficiency, they will surely come in handy.

Overall Quality

Fuel injector benefits will come to fruition if the product is manufactured by a reputable brand. In fact, you will probably get a better value if you look for a cleaner that has better credentials. So, do look for reputed manufacturers when buying a product like this.

Cleaning performance

There are a couple of things to mention here. First of all, a good capacity cleaner will certainly offer a better reduction in carbon residue build-up. For this reason, your engine should gain some performance benefits like better mileage and cleaner exhaust. So, having a fuel injector cleaner with a decent capacity will obviously make things better.

Percentage of purity

A cleaning solution with more purity will surely make a better choice. With better purity comes the promise of less carbon build-up. So, it is better to go with a solution that has more purity than anything else.

These are the few things that you should probably consider before buying a fuel injector cleaner. Having a product with the above-mentioned qualities will result in less residue build-up, better fuel passage, better mileage,and more power.

Before we begin our review, here is a quick look at all the products we will be showcasing here today.

6 Best Fuel Injector Cleaner Review 2021

1. Sea Foam SF-16-24PK Motor Treatment 

The Sea Foam SF-16-24PK is our first contender in this line-up for the potential fuel injector cleaners. The SF-16-24PK does have some pretty decent features. For this reason, we have placed it in the top position in our review. Also, this EPA-registered product is versatile in its own way. Here are the features.

Features and Benefits


The SF-16-24PK is an oil-based additive and claims to be a 100% precise. The product is 100% petroleum. So, it is obviously well-suited for lubrication for your engine as well as eliminating the possibilities of carbon build-up.

Decrease in gum build-up

In case you are wondering about the overall performance, take note that the SF-16 is certainly a capable option. If you are thinking about getting something that will liquify any sort of residue build-up, then this is the right choice for you. Moreover, this solution will clearly come in handy when you are thinking about increased engine performance.

Again, the oil and naphtha-based additive will surely help liquify the carbon residue build-up, allowing you to get more mileage and power.

Performance against heavy build-up

Another thing to mention here is the overall performance. The SF-16-24PK is certainly capable of handling heavy gunk and residues. Moreover, the fuel pump and engine assembly will certainly see some improvement due to the oil-based cleaning.


The cleaner can is also suitable for lawnmowers, blowers,and other such household equipment. It is certainly a plus for some folks out there.

What We Liked

  • Capable of handling heavy residue build-up.
  • 100% pure petroleum-based solution.
  • An overall increase in engine performance.
  • Liquefies gum and residues and lubricates the engine parts.

What we didn't like

  • Nothing to add here really. But without letting the additive does take time to soak the pistons and other engine parts.


If you are a user with little to no expertise on the matter of fuel injector cleaners, then the SF-16-24PK is certainly a decent choice. From the average user’s perspective, it should probably be the first thing on your shopping list. For a smooth and precise cleaning performance, have look at the SF-16-24PK.

2. Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Review

Our 2nd contender fuel system cleaner review is the Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment. The product features a concentrated gas formula, which clearly has its merits. Also, the overall applications and performance of this injector cleaner are certainly worth your time. Here are the features.

Features and Benefits

Gasoline Stabilization

The Star Tron features a unique and versatile enzyme-based technology that contributes to rejuvenate your gasoline for up to 2-years. In fact, for user’s using ethanol-based engines have no need to worry. Because this cleaner can handle such engines without any issues.

Smooth Operation

We did mention previously that the enzyme treatment can contribute to better fuel usability. This, however, does also make the engine run a lot smoother and better. So, for a robust engine performance, this product should be an obvious choice.

Water Dispersion and Decreased Emission

The specialized formula of the Star Tron allows the moisture level to be in an acceptable state. In short, the harmful water content is no issue for this additive.

Also, the emission levels will clearly decrease once you start using this solution. The concentrated gas formula comes into play here as well.

Decreased Residue Build-up and Enhanced Combustion

For the user’s who are worried about gum and carbon residue, there is obviously no need to worry. The cleaner does a pretty good job at removing gum and residues from the engine parts and making them run properly.

Also, it is certainly noteworthy to mention the fuel efficiency. Once you start using this solution, you will see better engine functionality and performance.

What We Liked

  • Fuel stabilization for better usability.
  • Phase separation prevention using water dispersion technique.
  • Reduces carbon residue and gum build-up.
  • Enhances engine performance and efficiency.

What we didn't like

  • Having to deal with spills is obviously annoying.


The Star Tron Seems to be a decent solution for those who want some stability and efficiency at the same time. So, in order to get the most out of your money, you should probably check it out.

3. Lucas Oil 10013-PK4 Fuel Treatment Review:

Our 3rd contender for the best fuel injector cleaner is the Lucas Oil 10013-PK4 Fuel Treatment. As the name suggests, you should get some stability and efficiency at the same time. But is it really worth it? Does Lucas Fuel Injector work? Let’s find out!

Features and Benefits:

Increase in efficiency

The Lucas Oil 10013-PK4 is an oil-based additive solution that focuses on increasing efficiency. The user will see an overall increase in mileage per gallon as well as power for prolonged use. Such efficiency is certainly convenient and is achieved by burning excess exhaust.

Neutralization of residues

The 10013-PK4 is clearly a capable solution when it comes to eliminating the carbon residues. In fact, the double-injection formula certainly does a better job at clearing out the gunk and other residues as well. Neutralization of low-sulfur fuel problems is an added bonus.

Fuel System Betterment

Another talking point here is the cleaning and lubricating performance. As mentioned earlier, the dual-action formula serves the user well by weeding out the carbon residues. But the formula also does a great job at clearing out and lubricating the fuel system. Therefore, you get better efficiency and increased performance from your engine.

Expansion of Lifespan

Increase in lifespan for an engine is a thing that everyone wants. And the10013-PK4 does a good job of delivering it. Due to the cleansing of the fuel pump and carburetor, the engine stays in good shape for a long time. So, the overall usability increases by a decent amount.

What We Liked

  • Fuel system lubrication and cleansing.
  • Increase in mileage.
  • Reduced problems caused by low-sulfur fuel.
  • Engine’s lifespan sees an overall increase.

What we didn't like

  • Overdose may cause dripping problems.


The Lucas 10013-PK4 is a popular solution due to its excellent features. While the cleaning solution does shine at keeping the engine healthy, it also manages to make it more efficient. So, for those who wish to have a good cleaner to serve your vehicle should probably have a crack at it and see how it goes.

4. Liqui Moly Fuel Injection Cleaner 

Coming in at number 4 is the Liqui Moly Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner. The pricing for this product is probably a bit steep for most people. But the overall package is obviously worth every penny. In fact, there are some pretty interesting takes about this product which we will now discuss.

Features and Benefits:

Works against Heavy gunk build-up

If your vehicle is old, then you may want to use the Jectron and see the results for yourself. The Jectron works really well against heavy gunk and residues. In fact, for heavy non-combustible residue, this cleaner is certainly a decent option. Moreover, the heavy gunk clean-up is possible due to the solid formula of the solution.

Smooth Idling and Throttle Response

The Jectron can clean up almost every part of the engine,like intake valves and fuel injector. This contributes to better throttle response. Moreover, the cleaning solution does aid smooth idling, which is good to have.

Better Action Time

The solution takes very little time to act. Also, the ingredients are safe to use with other fragile components.

Increased Efficiency

The Jectron also offers increased driving capabilities and engine performance. Due to the full engine treatment and heavy gunk removal, the engine emission is less and the usability increases. Moreover, the overall performance and durability see a good amount of increase with time.

What We Liked

  • Heavy gunk removal capabilities.
  • Good throttle response along with smooth idling.
  • Action time is better than existing solutions.
  • Increase engine performance and durability.

What we didn't like

  • Designed only for diesel engines.
  • Overdose may cause engine failure.


The Jectron fuel injection cleaner does a quick and precise job of taking care of your fuel injector. In fact, the overall performance of the engine sees a positive impact due to terrific traits of the solution. So, if you want quick results, then go for the Jectron fuel injection cleaner.

5. Red Line (60103) Fuel System Cleaner 

In case of fuel additives that work, the Red Line SI-1 Fuel System cleaner does do a decent job. In fact, it is pretty good at what it does. It is one of the best cleaning solutions out there when it comes to moisture absorption and tough residues. Also, the overall treatment makes it a decent product to try out.

Features and Benefits:

Certified Performance and Purity

Most fuel additives don’t have proper markings. In short, finding out the correct ingredients is often a hassle in many cases.

But the manufacturers of the SI-1 are confident in their efforts. So, they have announced that you will get almost a 100% efficiency on your first go. Also, the certified promise of 50% PEA purity is an added bonus.

Synthetic Lubricants for Better Performance

The synthetic formula, in this case, does come in handy for increasing the engines overall performance. It disables the possibility of abrasive harming and increases handling ability. Also, it can work atextreme temperatures, which allows more usability.

Good for Gasoline

This solution is more effective on gas-powered vehicles. In fact, performance increase has been significant due to heavy gunk reduction and cleansing of the fuel pump.

Taking Care of Old Vehicles and More

It is an ideal cleaner for old vehicles due to its intelligent formula. Moreover, it also reduces the need for octane between two points, which is nice. Overall, it is suitable for both old and newer vehicles.

What We Liked

  • Synthetic lubricant offers better performance.
  • Certified purity offers greater versatility.
  • Works better on gasoline vehicles.
  • Removes moisture and hard residues.

What we didn't like

  • Is not designed for diesel engines.
  • Performance jump is minimal in most cases.


For those users who want something for their gasoline vehicles, the Red Line SI-1 seems a pretty nice choice. So, you may want to check it out for yourself if you are interested.

6. BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner Review:

The BG 44K fuel system cleaner is certainly a famous choice for most users. Because of its performance and pricing, many users tend to go for it.

But we are here to give you a better idea of what to expect. So, coming in at number 6, we present to you the BG 44K. The manufacturers do seem quite confident with what they have come up with. Let’s see whether or not all the hype surrounding it is true or not.

Features and Benefits:

Quick Action

The BG 44K features a quick-action formula that really works fast and increases the overall performance of your engine. It clearly does a better job of cleaning the valves and fuel pumps quickly. For this reason, it is still one of the most sought-after fuel system cleaners out there.

Also, the compatibility feature is also noteworthy. The System cleaner is compatible with a wide number of additives and materials. So, there should be no concerns whatsoever.

Better Performance and Mileage

The BG 44K excels in this department as well. The cleaner is non-alcoholic. Because of that, the user can rest assured of its performance. It contributes greatly by increasing the overall durability and performance of your engine. Stalling and engine surges are some common problems which the BG 44K handles just fine.

Less Clogging

This cleaning solution offers a great amount of usability. Because of the intelligent quick action formula, there is almost no clogging on the fuel injector. The hard and tough gunk and other residues don’t stand a chance against the might of the BG 44K.

Better Value

Finally, the BG 44K is the best bang for your buck when it comes to fuel injection cleaners. One 110oz bottle can cater to about 20-gallons of gasoline, which is better than the other existing solutions.

What We Liked

  • Quick action formula reacts pretty quickly.
  • Increase in mileage and fuel combustion.
  • Effective against tough residues.
  • Best value for the money.

What we didn't like

  • Not compatible with diesel engines.

Final Verdict

Like all great things, this review for the fuel injector cleaners has come to an end. We have tried our best to bring out some of the best products currently available in the market.

Before starting the review, we discussed some information about how you could buy the fuel injector cleaner. The provided information is obviously more than enough. But, still, there is always the possibility of a mistake. And therefore, we would advise you to talk to the manufacturers for a better overview.

In the end, we hope that you will find what you are looking for. We hope that you and your engine both live long and prosper!

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