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Best Combination Locks – Reviews And Buying Guide 2021

No matter you are a homemaker, businessman or any other profession, you need to keep your valuables safe, right?

If positive, then nothing could be more important than a safe and secure place for your important stuff. One of the Best combination Locks can be the tool for rescue. If chosen in a right way, this tiny, affordable but secure lock.

But as most of the other essentials, there are hundreds of locks from more than hundred brands. So, which one is the best value provider for your need?

This is something this article is all about. In this article, our research and editorial team has researched out the Best Combinational Locks on the market and reviewed their pros and cons with further discussion.

So, let’s give it a go…

5 Best Combination Locks Reviews 2020



Editor's Rating


Master Lock 5423RD Lock Box

Stainless Steel Combination Padlock

Serene Life Fireproof Lock Box

Master Lock 542ND Lock Box

Master Lock 1530DCM Combination Lock

 5 Best Combination Locks Reviews 2020

1. Master Lock 5423D Lock Box Review:

Keys, chips, master cards or many small essentials are there which are tiny in size, but important in terms of necessity. To let you store all your keys, access cards, credit cards, Master Lock 5423D Lock Box can be the safest place ever. Considering both internal and external safety, we set it right on the top of our rank. Let’s get deeper with our #1 pick Master Lock 5423D Lock Box-

Features and Benefits

A Safe and Easy to Use 12 Numbers Lock Combination

There are options to set a combination of 1 to 12 numbers in this lock, each number can be used only once. You can set the combination lock just by opening the secure cover. The number can be adjusted by screwing up the 12 screws at the panel. You can use the ‘Recode Tool' plastic piece as a flat head screwdriver.

Hook to Safely Store Your Keys and Small Essentials

Inside the box, there are numbers of hooks to hang and store car keys, office or home keys etc. No matter you are inside the home or out, no need to worry about the door jamming or being locked inside anymore. As long as you have this Master Lock 5423D Lock Box with your keys safe in it, you are ready to move safely.

Built-in A Convenient Easy-to-use Way

Having a first glance at the lock, we found it extremely convenient design, and a pocket-friendly. You can keep all the small essentials at it and protect them all with a secure alpha code. The buttons are large in size and easy to enter combinations. Also, the body is made of metal. Thus, it’s string and sturdy in structure.

A Large Internal Cavity to Store all Your Small Essentials

This Master Lock 5423D Lock Box is a wall mount lock box that can store your small essentials. Inside the box, there are enough space multiple keys, credit cards etc. With ample security, you can always keep them with you and if anyone gets access to it, they can’t un break it in any way.

What We Liked

  • Best for pocket use and to store essentials.
  • A safe place to put keys, cards, and any other tiny stuff.
  • Ample room in the box to store multiple items.
  • 12-digit combination lock.
  • A card made flat screwdriver provided to set the combination.
  • Weatherproof cover to keep the lock safe.
  • Affordable price and best uses for the money.
  • Easy to reset the combination code.

What We Didn't Like

  • Not for external use like doors, cases etc.


Considering pocket uses of a combination box, we found Master Lock 5423D Lock Box the best product on the market. If you feel that your keys and cards and other small essentials to be safest ever, this affordable combination key lock box as the best.

2. Stainless Steel Combination Padlock Review:

Right after a pocket-friendly lock box from Master Lock brand, we got a lock for larger-base use from the same brand. This time, it’s for larger uses for your vaults, house doors or similar purposes. With the safe and strong structure and awesome combination style, we think you’d like everything about this Stainless-Steel Combination Padlock.

Features and Benefits

Stainless Steel Structure for More Secure

The first thing that caught our attention is the structure of this Stainless-Steel Combination Padlock. Made of stainless steel and the size of 48 mm width, is a perfect security for your doors and vaults. Thieves and frauds can do their best but can’t put a scratch on it for sure.

The 3 Digit Locking System

3 digit can sound so light, but we can assure you that it’s not. Right in front of the frontal panel of this lock, you can set the lock by yourself. Just being a three-digit number, you can remember it well. And think about it, if you set the lock in a right way, thieves have to try thousands of numbers. So, a three-digit lock is safe enough, don’t worry.

Anti-Shim Technology for More Security

Apart from typical locks, this Stainless-Steel Combination Padlock features an Anti-shim technology. What it means is, you will get more security with this lock system from the thieves and frauds.

What We Liked

  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Double armored.
  • The shackle is made of hardened steel.
  • Extra cut combination of resistance.
  • 3 digits dialing key lock feature.
  • Provides 1500+ combinations for optimal security.
  • A good buy for the money.

What We Didn't Like

  • No Cons


Although, you can't use this lock system for personal pocket use, if you're thinking about a lock system for secure home and vaults or anything similar, we strongly recommend you to get the Stainless-Steel Combination Padlock. With a promise of great brand value, this would be the best buy for the money.

3. Serene Life Fireproof Lock Box Review

Till now, we've talked about one pocket-sized lock system and a lock that can be used on doors or large vaults. But tight here, we have a product that is ideal for use as a small pouch-sized box. But this is not just a lock and use typical vault. You will get a full-proof scheme of combination lock security with it.

We are talking about the Serene life Fireproof Lock Box. It can be the best way to protect your ornaments, money, small and medium-sized essential items and anything similar. Let's dig deep into its features and see what else it has got-

Features and Benefits

Ultra-Strong Structure

When it comes to a mid-sized security box like Serene Life Fireproof Lock Box, the foremost question that comes to everyone's mind is- How strong it is? Well, we can assure you about its string and sturdy structure. It's made of solid stainless steel in the material is completely reinforced. The wall construction promises optimal security and safety.

Fire-safe and Drop-safe Structure 

Why does a combination lock box need to be fireproof or drop safe? Well, you already know the answer. In most of the cases, we would like to keep the most essential and valuable items in a safe place. Items like money, ornaments, keys etc. are meant to be damaged in case of fire or accidental drop down.

The structure of this Serene Life Fireproof Lock Box promised complete safety from both of the unexpected cases. So, you can leave the worries of damaging your essentials alone.

Pre drilled Features for Easy Mounting

Some of the users like their safe boxes to be mounted on walls or cabinets. For users like those, Serene Life Fireproof Lock Box can be a symbol of promise. There is number of per-drilled holes in it that let you mount it with the walls, cabinets or floors.

A Battery Operated Digital Locking System

The number combination lock system is digitally powered by 2 AA batteries. The batteries are not provided with the box. But you can easily get those on the local super shop.

Digital Fingerprint Recognition

The last but one of the most exciting features of this product is its capability to recognize human fingerprints. To keep your stuff safe, you can let it identify you as an owner just by storing your fingerprints in its digital memory. It takes thumbs as a recognized and you should keep the finger dry for using it. As a combination lock, I’ve seen very few of the models to provide such a security scheme.

What We Liked

  • String stainless steel structure.
  • Dual panel structure for more safety.
  • Digital fingerprint sensor.
  • Pouch activated number panel.
  • Digital module that runs of 2 AA batteries.
  • Two sets of keys provided for multiple users.
  • Easily mountable with walls or floors.

What We Didn't Like

  • A bit expensive for people who need a safe box within budget.


Very few of the brands come up with such a perfect blend of structure and safety. No matter how sensitive, break-prone or valuable the item is, you can always trust Serene Life Fireproof Lock Box to put your small or medium-sized items into it. Although it's quite an expensive product, we think it worth the money that you would invest in it. Therefore, we think it's a great value for the user.

4. Master Lock 5425D Lock Box Review:

At the #4 ranked product on our list, we've got another lock system from Master Lock brand that's dedicated to small basis uses. It's a 4-digit lockup system that can be mounted on your walls or fixed fixtures. As the size of this product says, you can store all your tiny but necessary essentials like keys, car keys, car controls, access cards, master cards etc. Keep reading the rest of its features and you'll explore more of it.

Features and Benefits

Large and Lit Up Dials that are Easy to See

At the first glance, you may think that, as this product is a small sized one, you can hardly see the dials from a distance. But to surprise you, the dial pad has an automatic lit up system that enlightens the dealer as long as you open up the cover. This surely provided a better visible appearance of the dial panel. In case of low light scenario, this can be even a better beneficiary.

A Large Opening Level for More Comfort to Use

When you want to put your car remote controls, keys or master cards inside the lock box, sometimes it can't take because of the small opening. But this product right here has a decent size of the opening that can take small sized essentials without any hardship. Therefore, it's more comfortable to use and permanent as well.

Easy to Mount on Walls and Cabinets

The hardware that comes with this product is a pretty simple-to-setup mounting system. Most of the cases, users have to find the way of mounting these types of small lock systems on their fixtures. But in case of Master Lock 5425D Lock Box, we assure you that even if you’re a first-time user, you won’t find any difficulties in mounting it up in any wall or fixed fissures.

The Internals Cavity is Large Enough to House Your Essentials

At the first glance, you may find this product to be insufficient. But we’ve had a good look at its dimensions and internal room. We're pretty sure that if you want to store your car remotes, keys or MasterCard or access cards, it can house it all.

The Four-Digit Combination Lock for Safety Access

Now it comes to the point of security of this combination locks. In the case of this product, we have a four-digit combination lock. Each of the digits comes from a rolling scroll down number pad that contains digits from 0 to 9. You can adjust your personal unlocking code just by pressing the numbers down. To make your job even easier, this Master Lock 5425D Lock Box has a got a LED back light that enlightens the number pads up.

What We Liked

  • A durable leather cover comes with it for longevity.
  • It’s easy to mount and the hardware is user-friendly.
  • Lighted up dial pads for more visibility.
  • 4-digit combination lock system.
  • Ample room inside to house a few of your tiny essentials.
  • Very good value for money.
  • Best used for personal security.

What We Didn't Like

  • Doesn’t have any finger recognition system.


Like any best product from the brand Master Lock, this Master Lock 5425D Lock Box is best at its job. In case of you're looking for a cheap and budget-friendly locking system, this Master Lock 5425D Lock Box is for you. Try it out to keep your keys, cards or any tiny essentials safe and sound.

5. Master Lock Combination Lock Review

Eventually, we are at the bottom of the entire review and had our last ranked product from Master Lock. Although it's placed in a lower order for a few drawbacks, we still are an admirer of it. The wait it’s designed and built, most of the times it will save if from stealing attempts. Moreover, it's the only padlock system from the brand that's on our list. So, be sure that it will keep its promises. Let's crawl through rest of the review-

Features and Benefits

An Aluminum-based Structure for Better Strength

Till now, most of the combination locks that we’re witnessed, contain steel made bodies. But what do you think about an Aluminum made one?

In case you’re confused in the dilemma, we assure you that Aluminum is no less than stainless steel. IN fact, because of being Aluminum made, it will be very light to weight. But because of the lightness in weight, it’s not that it compromises with its performance.

Best Used on Personal Space Locker

No matter you're the school going student or a sportsman, you might have a place of your own, where you store all your necessary essentials. This time with Master Lock 5425D Lock Box, make those precious places even more authentic. No one could break this record of such a string and safe security for your personal space.

The 3 Digit Combination for Safety

Most of the locks from the brand Master Lock comes with a three-digit safety scheme. At the first glance, it may be hard to understand that it’s an unsafe one. But that's where the brand value comes on the stage. They have provided a possibility of 1500+ unlocking key combination right from this 3 digit-panel. 

What We Liked

  • Made string and hardened steel.
  • Double standard security scheme for safer use.
  • A 3-digit combination with 1500+ possible lock combination.
  • Quite unbreakable in terms of strength.

What We Didn't Like

  • Malfunctions quite sometimes.


We don’t say that Master Lock 5425D Lock Box is the most demand able product on the market of 2018. But still, you can give it a try for the sake of its brand value.

A Glimpse on The Technical Side of a Combination Lock

More or less, we all know how a combination lock works. But ever wondered how they work on such an awesome way? Well, in this section of this article, we are going to talk a little about the technical aspects about the internal and external structure of a combination lock. This won’t only inform you about the technical specs, but also to understand what type of combination lock is required for different purposes.

A combination lock has two parts in terms of structure- Internal and External. Let’s talk about both of them a bit-

  • The Internal Part of a Combination Lock
    The internal parts of a medium sized combination lock are pretty small in size. In fact, except the spring, no other of the internal parts can be extended more than five centimetres or so. They are in mainly the job of building the locking mechanism inside the lock.
    The main parts of the internal section are the levers, lever posts, disc shafts, disc spacers and many more. The most crucial part that plays important role in the mechanism is the combination discs. There are two, three or four of them in a lock, based on the type you’re using.
  • The External Part of a Combination Lock
    The core section of the outsider external part of a lock is mainly the combination dial. In most of the cases, except the electric locks, a combination dial is that one control which sets the pattern or numbers. Also, a latch that can fit into the notch, works to deliver the number pattern to the internal mechanism.

5 Steps to Start Using a Combination Lock

When you’ll be done with buying your own combination lock, go through these simple 5-step methods to start using it right away-

Step 1- Pull the shackle up to unlock the system.

Step 2- Rotate the shackle to an angle of 90 degree. It’s clockwise in most cases.

Step 3- Hold the lock down and continue to rotate the clock another 90 degree.

Step 4- Turn the dials and set your own combination for the first time. Try to be as easy as possible. Make sure you put some pattern of number that would be easy to remember.

Step 5- Turn the shackle back and test the new combination to check that if it works or not.

Bottom Line

We had been the reviews of best combination locks on the market. Considering all the aspects of lock strength, sizes and price-quality ratio, you shouldn't have made your own buying shortlist. Take the security of your essentials into next level with one of this list.

Best Trailer Hitch Locks – Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

If you own a trailer then you know that your trailer needs a lot of protection and security. The best way to secure your trailer is to use a trailer lock for the vehicle.

Because when you use a trailer lock then there will be less or no risk of stealing. Also, you will feel safer wherever you take your trailer.

In this article I am going to tell you about some of the best trailer hitch locks in today’s market.

Along with the product reviews, I have added a buying guide for you. This guide will help you to choose the right product for you.

Now let’s get started on how you can choose the best lock for your trailer. After you learn about that you can check out some of the best locks in the market, in this article.

Our Top 5 best trailer hitch locks In This Year

Our Trailer Locks Buying Guide

Before we get into the best trailer locks, you should know the way how you can choose the best trailer lock for you. So, I have added this buying guide that will help you to choose easily.

You can follow the points I have added below to identify the best trailer couplers or locks.


The durability of a lock is the most important thing to notice. If the lock you are using is not strong and solid then there is no point using it. Because anyone can easily break it.

So make sure the one lock that you choose is durable and solid. Try to check the build materials that are used to make the lock. If you see that strong material is used then you can undoubtedly choose that lock.


A good lock doesn't necessarily need to have a complicated mechanism. Sometimes a simple mechanism can be best for a high-quality lock. The thing you have to focus on, in this case, is if the lock is breakable or unlock-able easily.

As long as no one can easily break or unlock your lock you can choose a lock with a simple mechanism in it. That way you can use it comfortably.

Ease of Use:

Using the lock easily can save a lot of time for you. Not only that you can then properly lock your trailer even if you are in a hurry.

So while buying a trailer lock you should see if the lock is easy to use. But also you should see that if it can secure your trailer properly.


A lock having protection over rust is always better than any other locks. So try to choose a trailer that doesn’t get rusts easily.

Also, you should choose a lock with a strong body. So that it can be protected from bolt cutters or other cutting tools.

Basically, you should see if your lock doesn't get damaged easily. If you find one then you can without a doubt choose that lock.


When you are looking for a trailer lock you will find many locks that don't fit perfectly. But there are some locks which have universal fittings. That means you can fit the lock in any trailer you like.So while choosing a lock the best choice would be to choose this kind of a lock for your trailer.

Now that you know how you can choose the best lock for your trailer it would be a lot easier for you to find the right product.So now let’s proceed on to know about some of the best locks for trailers in the present market.

Our Top 5 Best Trailer Locks Reviews 2020

1. AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 RV/trailer coupler lock Review

If you are looking for a trailer lock that is suitable for all climate or random climate change then stop searching. Because the AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 RV/trailer coupler lock is one of the trailer locks in this case. You can find out the details about this lock below.

Features & Benefits:

Perfect Fit:

Though most other trailer locks don't always fit perfectly in your van it is different when it comes to the AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 RV/trailer coupler lock.

Because this amazing trailer lock is molded. For this reason, it can easily fit into your trailer. Also, a coupler of 2 5/16 inches is available to make the fittings easier.

Suitable for All Climate:

For most locks, it is risky to use them in several climates because climate change may not suit them. In fact, random climate change may damage the lock by rusting it.

But the amazing fact about the AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 RV/trailer coupler lock is that it is suitable for all climate. So you can use it without worrying about the climate change.

Push Lock System:

This system is the easiest way to use a lock. Because with this system you will able to simply push the coupler to lock or unlock the trailer.

Amazingly the AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 RV/trailer coupler lock comes with this feature for which it is very easy to use.

Strong and Secure:

The main function of a lock is to keep the items safe which are locked inside. If the lock is not very strong then there is no point in using it.

The AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 RV/trailer coupler lock is a lock which is very strong. Because high-quality build material is used for manufacturing this item. 

For this reason, not only this lock is strong but also it is very secure.

Lightweight and Compact:

Last but not least, this amazing trailer lock is only 12 pounds in weight. So this lock is very light in weight. And also the dimensions of this product is 7 x 6 x 8.5 inches which makes it very compact.

So it is very beneficial for you. Because you don't have to carry extra unnecessary weight with this trailer lock. Also, it won't take much space either.

What We Liked

  • Very high-quality material for ultra-security.
  • Matches and fits almost all type of trailers.
  • Light in weight for easy carrying.
  • Size is very compact to fit perfectly.
  • Push-lock system makes the usage easier.

What We Didn't Like

  • Cannot fit properly on air-stream hitch.


Although air-stream hitch is not suitable for this lock it is not a problem for you as most of the trailers don't need this. Otherwise, you can see the benefits of this amazing lock.

2. Trimax THP3XL Trailer Door Lock Review:

You can find only a few locks in the market which have internal shackle build inside the lock. The Trimax THP3XL Trailer Door Lock is one of those few locks. There are some other amazing features of this product. You can check out below.

Features & Benefits

Universal Fit

Unlike most other locks in the market, the Trimax THP3XL Trailer Door Lock is well known fitting any trailers.

Because of the universal size, it has you can easily fit this amazing lock to your trailer and you don't have to worry about the size.

Internal Shackle

The grip of the lock is amazing. There is a shackle inside the lock and this shackle is very powerful. So, for this reason, you don't have to worry about the security this lock gives you.

Rust Proof

Usually, most of the locks are made of metal. Because of this, they get damaged or there is rust after using for some days. But if it is made in the right way then rust cannot affect the metal.

The Trimax THP3XL Trailer Door Lock is made out of such metal that helps to keep the rust away. So the locks don't get damaged easily.

Strong and Solid

In order to be more secured a lock has to be very solid and strong. Otherwise, a thief can easily break the lock. But if you are choosing the Trimax THP3XL Trailer Door Lock over all the other locks then you don’t have to worry about that.

Because the Trimax THP3XL Trailer Door Lock is not only a solid lock but also it is very strong. It won't be easy to break this lock down. So it is very reliable.

Enlarged Opening

The opening side of the lock is enlarged so that you can easily fit the keys into the locks. This makes the usage of this lock convenience. But you don’t have to worry about the enlarged opening.

Because of the strong and solidness, this lock gives better security than most other locks.

What We Liked

  • Weight is very light.
  • Fits almost all the trailers because of the universal fit.
  • High-quality build material for better security.
  • Comes with three keyed alike.
  • The opening is large for ease of unlocking.

What We Didn't Like

  • Needs to be lubricated more often.


Though it needs to be lubricated more often it is for the betterment of your own. Aside from this, you can see how useful this amazing lock is. So you can choose this lock if you are looking for the best trailer couplers or locks in the market.

3. Trimax THP2XL Trailer Door Lock Review:

It can be very essential for you if you can get a trailer lock set with two locks that can be opened with one key only. But you don’t have to look for such lock anymore as the Trimax THP2XL Trailer Door Lock is here for you. This is one of the trailer locks for this feature. So to know more about this product check out below.

Features & Benefits

Bolt Cutter Protected

The Trimax THP2XL Trailer Door Lock is so strong that even bolt cutter cannot cut it that easily.As a user, you might worry that even after using a lock there might be a risk of cutting the rock with a bolt cutter.

But you can see that by using the Trimax THP2XL Trailer Door Lock you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Large Opening

An enlarged opening for a lock is always better. Because with the help of such opening you can secure and cover almost all trailer hasps.

Amazingly the Trimax THP2XL Trailer Door Lock will provide an enlarged opening. So you don’t have to worry about the security if you use this amazing lock.

Thick Body

For any lock, a thick body is very essential as it will help to make the lock stronger. And in the case of the Trimax THP2XL Trailer Door Lock, you will not only get a thick body.

Along with the thick body, you will get a strong build on the lock. So it is super tough to break this powerful lock. So you can stay relief without any worries if you use this lock.

Keyed Alike

This is amazing for you because two packs of this lock are keyed alike. So you can use two locks with one particular key for locking your trailer with double locks.

You don't have to use different keys for that and so your keychain will stay light for this amazing feature.

Low Weight

The weight of the Trimax THP2XL Trailer Door Lock is only 4.5 pounds. So you can see how light the weight of this amazing trailer lock is.

For such lightweight, you will be able to use it easily and you don't have to feel loaded while carrying the locks around.

Perfect Fitting

Amazingly the dimensions of the Trimax THP2XL Trailer Door Lock is 6.8 x 4.1 x 3.7 inches. This means, this lock is very compact and can fit perfectly to any type of trailer.

What We Liked

  • Works as a heavy duty lock.
  • Solid and strong build for better security.
  • Fits properly in old lock hasps.
  • Very tough for breaking.
  • Low weight and compact in size.
  • Two sets and one alike key.

What We Didn't Like

  • May get rusty if oil is not used.


As you can see the Trimax THP2XL Trailer Door Lock is very essential as a trailer lock. Although there is a risk of rust you can simply avoid this by using some oil. For this reason, this lock can be suitable for you.

4. Brinks 3020-057 Trailer Wheel Lock Review:

There are a lot of locks on the market but not all of them are capable of locking both the back of the trailer and at the same time the wheels. But it is different when it comes to the Brinks 3020-057 Trailer Wheel Lock. You can find out more about this amazing lock below.

Features & Benefits

Wheel Lock

Most of the locks you may find in the market won’t be usable as a wheel lock. But the Brinks 3020-057 Trailer Wheel Lock is different in this case. Because this amazing lock can be used as a wheel lock.

So in case if you want to use a lock for both the wheels of your trailer and the back of the trailer then you can pick this lock.

J-Style Support

The j-style support is basically a rod that is shaped like the letter J. It is a very helpful support for your lock.

Because either you are locking the wheels or the back, in both case the J-style support will give you a strong and solid backup.

Bolt Cutter Protected

If you are worried about things like, even after locking, it can be cut by a bolt cutter, then you can stop worrying from now on. Because the Brinks 3020-057 Trailer Wheel Lock is a solid lock and even bolt cutters cannot cut it.

So you can without any worries use this lock and there won’t be any risk of cutting the lock with a bolt cutter.

High Security

The Brinks 3020-057 Trailer Wheel Lock is not only a strong lock but also contains strong material. The mechanism of this amazing lock allows it to be much secured. For this reason, you can get a high security by this lock.

Light and Compact

The Brinks 3020-057 Trailer Wheel Lock weighs only 1 pound. So you can see how light this lock can be. Also, it is 1.5 x 6 x 15.5 inches in dimension which makes it very compact.

So, these features help to make the usage of this lock easier. Also, you can easily carry it around with you without any bother.

What We Liked

  • Strong material for solidness.
  • Light in weight for easy carrying.
  • Simple yet powerful mechanism.
  • Protect against bolt cutters as well.
  • Works on both back and wheels.

What We Didn't Like

  • May get rust if not taken care properly.


So you can see how amazing and reliable the Brinks 3020-057 Trailer Wheel Lock can be for your trailer. Though rust is a problem you can easily solve it by taking proper care. So, for this reason, you can choose this product for you.

5. Best Choice Tool Box W/ Lock Review:

A trailer box with lock is always better in case of high security. And if you are looking for such product then the Best Choice Tool Box W/ Lock is the right one for you. Check out below to find out more about this product.


Features & Benefits

Works as Storage

The best thing about the Best Choice Tool Box W/ Lock is that it is a lock that is also a storage. So if you install it on the back of your trailer you will get an extra storage with you.

For this reason, the Best Choice Tool Box W/ Lock is considered one of the best trailer locks on the market. 

Aluminum Construction

Amazingly the Best Choice Tool Box W/ Lock is made out of aluminum and only heavy-duty aluminum is used for the construction.

So not only you get a lightweight structure with this amazing trailer lock but also you get a solid security.

Roomy Interior

The interior of this amazing product is quite big. So it is very helpful for you because you can put a lot of items inside it.

Moreover, this is really suitable for a family picnic or carrying a lot of small items at a time. So it’s really beneficial for you.

High-Security Lock

Along with the roomy huge box, you will get a lock and two keys with it. So you don't have to worry about the security or the safety.

For this reason, you can see that the Best Choice Tool Box W/ Lock is very reliable for you.

Also in case if you ever lost any key then there is backup key for you. So you don’t have to worry about that either.

Chrome Finish

Unlike most other trailer locks you will get a chrome finish on the Best Choice Tool Box W/ Lock. This makes the lock and box look more attractive.

Also because of the chrome finish, you don't have to worry about any rust or anything because of the aluminum layer. So your product will be free and safe from damages.

What We Liked

  • As a box, it is very lightweight.
  • Strong and hard aluminum as the build material.
  • A universal size that fits most trailers.
  • Interior is quite large for keeping small items.
  • Protected from rust.
  • Extra keys included.

What We Didn't Like

  • May feel a little small for large items.


Though the box may feel small for large items it is big enough for keeping a lot of small items. Other than that you can see that this trailer box with lock is very helpful for you.

Final Verdict:

So now you know about the some of the Best trailer hitch locks in the market. All the products in this article are best for their unique features. So you can choose any one of them according to your need.

Also, you have learned about the how you can choose the best lock for your trailer. So now you don't have to worry about choosing the perfect trailer lock. I hope this article was helpful for you.

Types Of Wheel Lock Currently Available On The Market

As you already know, a wheel lock installs in your car lug nuts and can only be removed using a special key that it comes with.

These locks play a major role in protecting your expensive car tires…if you live in urban areas or areas where car parts theft is high, you know what I mean.

Now, I’ve heard many car users ask whether there are different types of wheel locks available on the market.

The answer is:

YES, wheel locks come in different forms which vary depending on the style of wheel they install to as well as the shape of the key they come with.

Let’s take a closer look at the FOUR main types of wheel fasteners you’ll find on the market today…

1. Tapered seat

Wheel locks that fall in this category feature a 60-degree cone, in which location the thread meets the bolt. The 60 degrees cone comes designed such that it can easily fit into the nut’s wheel.

You’ll commonly find these locks on aftermarket wheels- like BMW, Honda, Renault, Ford, and Saab.

2. Radius seat

Second, comes the radius seat type of wheel lock which comprises of a curved in which place the thread meat the bolt.

You’re likely to find radius wheel locks in cars like Audi, Mercedes, and VW.

3. Flat Washer

Finally, we’ve got the flat washer model. As the name implies, it features a flat washer where the wheel your car wheels will meet the thread.

You’ll usually find these locks in cars like Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Lexus.

4. Tuner bolts/nuts

Though tuner nuts and bolts share similar features with the tapered seat models we discussed earlier, we’ve discussed them separately because they’re designed to be driven internally. This means that you’ll need to place a special adaptor into the center to successfully fasten the nuts/bolts.

So, which type of wheel lock should you pick?

Now that you know the different types of wheel locks, you can easily narrow down your choices. But what type should you pick?

By following the factors I’ve outlined below, it much easier to select the right wheel lock for you:

  • Size of your car wheels
  • How many locks does your packet come with?
  • Your lock should be easy to use
  • Look for a unique key that has a reputation for offering total security to your wheels
  • Lastly, look for a high-quality lock set, made from durable materials so that it will serve you for longer while resisting potential security breaches.

Final Verdict

Wheel locks do a great job of safeguarding your aftermarket wheels from getting easily stolen in unlit parking lots, or any other areas with high car parts theft cases. As you can see, there up to four different types of wheel locks. And the best type for you depends on your personal needs and requirements.

How To Unlock Combination Lock Without A Code?

For years, the combination locks have enjoyed wide usage for the top-level security they come with. They securely lock up your things such that no unauthorized people can gain access to them without your permission.

But the most frustrating part about these locks comes when you forget the code you selected when locking up your stuff.

Most people would think of cutting the lock…but in this post I’ll share with you an easier, more effective method of unlocking your combination lock.

(Actually, I’ll show you up to two effective methods for doing this)

Let’s go…

Method #1: Crack The Code (Yes, you can do it!)

The first and the most effective method you should always try whenever you misplace your combination code is trying to crack the code.

This is how you do it:

  • Pull the body of your lock away from your locker (or what it’s secured to) and hold it in that position

The idea behind this action is to create some constant tension between your lock body and latch. This allows you to easily hear and feel the lock dialer as it reaches the numbers in your combination code and the mechanism engages.

  • Next, start turning your lock dial anti-clockwise until you get a clicking sound (signaling the mechanism is engaging). Turn your dial to achieve additional two numbers (no more than that). Note down the number your dial is on- this is basically the first number in your forgotten number and will help you later.
  • Now turn your dial clockwise (to the left)…immediately it stops, don’t force it any further. Note down the number where the dial stands at- this is the second number in your 3-number code.

Ensure you continue pulling your lock body.

  • Eventually, turn your lock dial anti-clockwise until it opens and note down the number where the dialer stands- this is the last number in your code. Write it down as well so that you now have the full combination code.

Method #2: Use Your Lock’s Serial Number

Some combination locks come with a serial number stamped on them, others don’t. If yours has this number, try this method…

  • Write down the serial number on a piece of paper (or anywhere else). Once you note it down, you’ve three options to follow to successfully unlock your belongings:

1. Take the lock to your seller/distributor and request them to contact the lock manufacturer to help you with the combination code.


  • You can directly submit the serial number to the lock manufacturer. You can do this by first visiting their official site to see if they offer this service.


  • What if the lock belongs to a school, your workplace etc.? In such cases, feel free to contact the administrators as they might be having a number of combination based on your lock serial number.

Final Verdict

Now you have it; the two simple solutions to unlocking your combination lock. Next time you forget your combination code, you don’t have to rush for a hacksaw and spend an hour trying to cut your lock’s shackle.

Just try any of the methods I’ve shared with you above and you’ll gain entry to your locker (and your stuff).

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How To Get Wheel Locks Off ? Expert Guide 2021

The wheel lock makes your car less attractive to the thieves.

Any thief with the intentions of stealing your tires will get easily discouraged when they discover than you’ve installed on your car with a lock.

The fact that you can only remove these locks with a special key makes them even harder to remove (and safer to work with).

What if you lose your wheel lock? Can you still get the locks off?

Join me in the following post as we uncover the possible ways of removing the wheel locks from your vehicle tires.

How To Remove Your Car Wheel Locks

The easiest and most effective way of getting the locks off your wheels involves using the special lock that comes with your lock set.

What if you lose your key?

I’m pretty sure you’ve come across a hundred and one videos on YouTube as well as other posts on the web showing you how to remove the lock without keys.

BUT…these methods don’t work anymore!

The lock manufacturers have taken up the challenge of their product being easily bypassed without their special keys…and the end result is more secure nuts that don’t give in to any of these tricks.

After going through most of these tricks, I’ve noticed that most recommend using a large socket alongside brute force to help you break the locks free.

In response to this, top brands- the likes of Gorilla Guard and McGuard- have introduced internal patterns in their nuts which doesn’t entertain any security breaches.

So, what do you do if you lose your lock key?

I’d simply suggest that you contact your manufacturer to give you a replacement key.

The manufacturer will ask you for the special key number that accompanied your package, so be sure to have this information at hand.

Without this number, you might as well forget to get a replacement key.

The numbers help the manufacturers easily tell the size of your wheel lock nuts and their end pattern.

And in case your manufacturer doesn't offer replacement keys- or it's not convenient to get it- I’d suggest to you to follow the process I’ve outlined below to see if it will help solve the issue:

  • Look for a socket that’s big enough to tightly hug your lock
  • Hammer this socket into your lock as far as possible
  • Set the parking brake on your vehicle
  • With the help of a breaking bar, loosen your socket/wheel lock nuts
  • Now remove all the locks from the post. You can also opt to remove the other lug nuts as well as the wheel in this process

Important NOTE: This guide is intended for removing your own car wheel lock nuts and not for committing illegal car stealing practices!

Final Word

Getting off the wheel locks from your vehicle tires isn’t always an easy task- unless you have the special key that comes with the lock set. But in case you lose your key, you can still get a replacement key from your manufacturer.

And if it’s convenient to get this replacement, my last advice to you is to follow the process I’ve shared with you above to see if it’ll help you get the lock nuts off.

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How Steering Wheel Locks Actually Work? – Expert Guide 2021

With the cases of carjackers on the rise, it is important to keep your car safe at all times.

There are various methods to ensure the safety of your vehicle when either parked in public establishments or shared home parking spaces.

In this post, we’ll confine ourselves to the Steering Wheel Locks…

What is Steering Wheel Lock and how does it work?

A steering wheel lock is a mechanism that is put in place to lock your steering wheel in case anyone tries to move the car without putting the key into the ignition.

This mechanism was invented by a Korean War Veteran, James E. Winner Jr.

His military days had inspired him to secure the steering wheels their soldier company’s’ cars with metal chains. This ideally immobilized the vehicle in case anyone tried to make away with it.

It comes in two types: the manual steering wheel lock and the In-built steering wheel lock.

Let’s get to know about each of them better:

Manual Steering Wheel Lock

This device is fixed onto the car's steering wheel. There were varied manufactured designs that resulted from James Winners concept. The first design involved a steel bar being placed over the wheel and brakes making it impossible to steer or brake the car, respectively. This model was known as The Club.

Following designs involved two interlocked pieces laid over the steering wheel with a larger part protruding out and also making it impossible to steer the car.

As of every device, there are critics who don’t believe in the safety that the manual steering wheel locks provide. They claim that professional carjackers have a work around.

 However, not most carjackers are professionals in the least, with most being druggies and joy riders, and this should be put into consideration.


This device was designed to prevent your car from turning for more than a few degrees in any direction. No one can get far in that.

This device not only acts physically but also visually. Any thief who sees this bar device on the steering wheel would be dissuaded from trying to steal the car but would rather target cars without the instrument.

When these devices started being replaced by inbuilt locks in the UK, there was an influx in car thefts that caused most police to encourage citizens to go back to using the manual steering wheel locks.


The pitfall that arose from these devices was that they could easily be out maneuvered by use tools such as a hacksaw to cut through the instrument.

This prompted innovations that led to the creation of inbuilt steering wheel locks.

In-built Steering Wheel Lock

Newer car models have an inbuilt steering wheel lock. If you hear a clicking noise when exiting the car and try to move it, but it won’t budge, then your vehicle has it internally installed.

A spring loaded lever is released, and this engages a slot that locks the steering mechanism as soon as any steering action is initiated after the key has been removed.

This lock system not only locks the steering but your key system too. To unlock it you will have to turn the key in the 'on' position while simultaneously slightly moving the wheel in the direction it allows you.

By doing this, the pin that engaged the slot is retracted by the spring back to its tumbler, and this releases the steering mechanism. The key turning should be done gently to avoid breaking it while in the slot.


You will not have to keep carrying around a piece of metal and continuously locking and unlocking it from your steering wheel and brakes.

It is also designed to prevent your car from turning in more than a few degrees in any direction.


This inbuilt system just like most features in electric cars can be easily hacked and disengaged.

There is the danger of turning your steering wheel or key too forcefully that may lead to steering damage and key breaks respectively.

NOTE: You don’t have to move the steering wheel after you have removed the key to initiate the lock mechanism. It automatically sets in motion when any steering mechanism is initiated.

This makes it harder to release the lock each time, and if this is a habit, then it may lead to wearing off of the entire mechanism.

Also, in the case of inbuilt steering wheel lock systems that refuse to unlock, you should seek professional help to avoid damaging your car.

Final Thoughts

Both these steering wheel locks have their advantages and disadvantages, but in the long run, steering wheel locks are an excellent addition to your overall car safety system.

It may not be an ideal stand-alone safety feature, but when conjoined with other physical security features, including alarms or even locking your car doors, it should provide the needed protection for your vehicle.

How Effective Are Wheel Locks? Are They Necessary?

Many vehicle owners go the extra step to pimp their rides with customized alloys, aluminum wheels or rims- all of which enhance the look of their cars.

Besides looks, these customization significantly improve the value of your car.

Doing all these customization on your car will definitely cost you a lot of money and you’ll be more than determined to protect your precious investment at all costs…

…and that’s where the wheel locks come in.

5 Best Wheel Locks Review In This Year



Editor's Rating


McGard 24157 Chrome Cone Wheel Locks

TOYOTA Genuine   Wheel Lock

Gorilla Automotive Guard Locks

Genuine Subaru Wheel Lock Kit

Trim ax Wheel Chock Lock

How effective are wheel locks in protecting your vehicle wheels?

Let’s get into some basics first…

As you already know, the wheel lock is specially designed lug nut that will protect your spare tires, as well as the tires that drive your car, from theft. To do this, they securely bolt your wheels to your car- most packages require you to use one lock per wheel.

And unlocking these bolts is ONLY possible using a special key that comes with the package.

A smart way to deter thieves who plan to steal your car tires, right?

If you buy the best quality wheel locks, from reputable brands, I can guarantee you that you’ll enjoy the effectiveness associated with them. In other words, you’ll enjoy a list of benefits that I’m going to discuss with you below:

  • Firstly, You’ll have a peace of mind knowing that nobody can easily tamper with your car wheels. If you’ve been loving in worry and fear of thieves making away with those expensive alloy rims you recently installed on your car, a wheel lock is the surest way to keep them from getting lost/stolen.

This is especially true for folks who live in areas where theft of vehicle parts are high!

  • Another reason why I’d advise you to invest in wheel locks is that they’re way cheaper compared to replacing your rims or wheels. Imagine if you woke up one day to find your wheels/rims missing? You’ll definitely have to spend a good amount of bucks to replace them.

What if you’ve invested in wheel locks? You’d always wake up to find your aluminum wheels and alloy rims safe.

  • Did you know that the presence of wheel locks on your vehicle is sufficient to drive away thieves? Yes, when they come to your car and sight these handy security tools, their hopes of obtaining your expensive tires will die away…they fully understand that only a special, unique key can open that lock, so they’ll just move ahead to the next vehicle in the parking lot without wheel locks.

Should you install wheel locks in your vehicle?

Yes, you should. As long as you want to protect your vehicle wheels or alloy rims from getting stolen, nothing should stop you from investing in these useful locks.

The way I see it, the wheels are the only part of your car that can’t be easily tracked down. They don’t come with specific identities or serial numbers and it’ll almost impossible for the law enforcement officers to track them down. Even if they’ll succeed, they’ll take longer than you can imagine.

The same way you can easily rotate and remove/change your car tires using the appropriate wrench the same way thieves will steal your precious investment if you don’t take this step of installing the wheel locks.

One more reason why you need to invest in wheel locks is that they’re extremely affordable…they’re way cheaper compared to the other car tracking system you invest.

So, why don’t you protect your pricey tires/alloys by using an extremely cheap but powerful security tool?

Final Verdict

If you’ve recently installed those expensive wheels on your car, you know that they’re an instant attraction to everyone including thieves. That means you need to be very wary of waking up one morning to find them gone for good.

Luckily, you can protect your precious possessions using wheel locks which allows only you to tamper/remove/change your tires as you’re the only person holding the special key required to unlock them.

In my view, wheel locks are 100% effective and 100% necessary in this age!

How Do Wheel Locks Work? Expert Guide 2021

A good number of automotive owners swear by the wheel locks. This security equipment simply acts as a replacement for your car lug nuts and can only be unlocked using a special key they come with.

With that said, they’re seen as the most secure way of protecting .your car tires and rims from getting stolen/lost…and sending you back to the car parts stores.

But how does a wheel Lock work to ensure your wheels remain safe at all times?

Let’s take a look at the working mechanism of a wheel lock below…

If you head to the market right now to buy a wheel lock, this is what you should expect:

A typical package comes with about 4-5 wheel locks plus a special removal tool (basically the unlocking key). Keep in mind that these nuts look different than the original lug nuts that come with your car. They feature a special shape.

 And are usually bigger than the standard nuts to prevent the standard socket from easily fitting and unlocking them; that is, you’ll only need a special key to remove these nuts/locks from your wheels.

How To Install Wheel Locks

The process is extremely simple and you can do it on your own- no expert skills needed.

You’ll need to have a set of wheel locks for the four wheels of your car. Remove ONE lug nut on each of the 4 wheels of your vehicle. And replace each of them with the wheel locking nuts.

That’s all.

Remember to safely store your spare lug nuts…you might need these in future- for instance when you buy new tires for your vehicle.

Wheel Locks- Working To Secure Your Vehicle Wheels

Now that you’ve installed only one lock per wheel, how will it protect your vehicle from the notorious car parts thieves?

Well, the thieves will successfully remove all the other four lug nuts you didn’t replace. But when it comes to removing the fifth one (the lock itself) it’ll take them years and they’ll never remove it. That means they can’t take your wheels.

And oh! The sight of the wheel locks alone will drive these thieves away. Trust me; they already know how the locks look like and just seeing them will alert them that they won’t easily get away with your vehicle, so they’ll just walk away and leave your wheel unhampered.


Sometimes you might feel that installing only one lock per wheel isn’t enough to protect them. Vehicle owners who install new expensive aluminum wheels or alloy rims can associate with this statement; they tend to grow overly protective of their new wheel because they can already feel the pain of losing their pricey investments.

In such cases, you can go ahead and replace all the lug nuts on your car wheels with the locking nuts. Only a special key will be required to remove all of these nuts.

And that translates to tighter security!!

Storing Your Wheel Lock Key

Where should you keep your wheel lock key? That would definitely be in a safe, totally secure place.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean a safe place like your glove box. We’ve all heard cases of thieves breaking into cars and getting access to the special lug nut keys which they use to successfully remove the wheels.

I’d suggest that you keep your lock somewhere safer- like under your seats, in the trunk, in any special compartment.

While still on it, don’t make the mistake of leaving this key at home. Because you don’t want to imagine what would happen when yup get a flat tire and you’re far, far away from home.

Final Thoughts

Wheel locks have steadily grown in popularity in the past few years, and continue to do so, do to their effectiveness in protecting your car wheels from potential theft.

 They act as a replacement for the original lug nuts that come with your car. And come with a special key which ensures that no other tools can easily remove them (and hence steal your vehicle wheels).

You can opt to replace just one lug nut or all them in each of your car wheels with the locks.

Again, ensure you keep your key somewhere safe, secure, and within reach.

How Does Combination Lock Work? Expert Guide 2021

If you’ve used a combination lock before, you must be very fascinated by its ability to keep your valuables secure…Whether it’s your gym box, school locker, bike, etc.

Everyone else swears by this lock.


Have you ever wondered how this lock works to keep your items free from illegal access?

I bet you have; just like me and many other users out there.

Below, we’ll take a trip inside the combination lock in an attempt to understand exactly how it executes its excellent security mechanism.

PS: This description refers to all combination locks regardless of brand/manufacturer.

Let’s start with the basics…

A typical combination lock comes with a wheel pack that specifically out the locking function. That is, they feature a group of wheels that “know” your code, and once you dial it in, they allow you to open your combination lock and access your stuff.

So, how does the wheel “understand” your password?

I know you’re already familiar with the dial that rests on the face of your lock. Your lock attaches to a spindle behind, which goes through the wheels I’ve just told you about and then attach at the back of the drive cam.

The number of wheels behind your dial translates to the number in a given combination. Other than the spindle, the lock also features a drive spin- located against the top part of the drive cam. Its job is to make contact with what is referred to as wheel fly (on the back wheel), prompting each wheel to spin.

That is;

As you spin your lock dial, the drive pin makes contact with each of the wheel flies present, making the entire wheel to spin.

Opening Your Lock

On top of the fly, all the wheels present in your lock come with a notch. What’s the notch used for? You might wonder…Whenever you input the right combination code for opening your lock, these notches perfectly line up. And this opens your lock so that you can access your valuables.

What if you enter the wrong code (or someone else tries opening with a wrong code)?

As you already know, the lock hardly opens.

It comes with another feature known as the fence- a small metal bar that runs parallel to spindle. The job of a fence is to prevent your locker, safe, box, etc., from getting open without the right code being entered. To do this, it simply rests on the wheels of your lock- blocking the path of the bolt securing your locker door.

Keep this in mind:

When all the wheels in your lock get aligned in the correct positions, their notches become aligned such that they form a gap. Due to its own weight, a fence will fall into this gap and allow you to open your lock.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how a combination lock works. Given that the names used for different parts found inside the lock are easy to understand and directly related to the lock’s working mechanism, the whole process is extremely easy to understand for everyone.

Again, this is the basic principle followed by all types of combination locks out there regardless of size, company, design, etc.