Types Of Wheel Lock Currently Available On The Market

As you already know, a wheel lock installs in your car lug nuts and can only be removed using a special key that it comes with.

These locks play a major role in protecting your expensive car tires…if you live in urban areas or areas where car parts theft is high, you know what I mean.

Now, I’ve heard many car users ask whether there are different types of wheel locks available on the market.

The answer is:

YES, wheel locks come in different forms which vary depending on the style of wheel they install to as well as the shape of the key they come with.

Let’s take a closer look at the FOUR main types of wheel fasteners you’ll find on the market today…

1. Tapered seat

Wheel locks that fall in this category feature a 60-degree cone, in which location the thread meets the bolt. The 60 degrees cone comes designed such that it can easily fit into the nut’s wheel.

You’ll commonly find these locks on aftermarket wheels- like BMW, Honda, Renault, Ford, and Saab.

2. Radius seat

Second, comes the radius seat type of wheel lock which comprises of a curved in which place the thread meat the bolt.

You’re likely to find radius wheel locks in cars like Audi, Mercedes, and VW.

3. Flat Washer

Finally, we’ve got the flat washer model. As the name implies, it features a flat washer where the wheel your car wheels will meet the thread.

You’ll usually find these locks in cars like Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Lexus.

4. Tuner bolts/nuts

Though tuner nuts and bolts share similar features with the tapered seat models we discussed earlier, we’ve discussed them separately because they’re designed to be driven internally. This means that you’ll need to place a special adaptor into the center to successfully fasten the nuts/bolts.

So, which type of wheel lock should you pick?

Now that you know the different types of wheel locks, you can easily narrow down your choices. But what type should you pick?

By following the factors I’ve outlined below, it much easier to select the right wheel lock for you:

  • Size of your car wheels
  • How many locks does your packet come with?
  • Your lock should be easy to use
  • Look for a unique key that has a reputation for offering total security to your wheels
  • Lastly, look for a high-quality lock set, made from durable materials so that it will serve you for longer while resisting potential security breaches.

Final Verdict

Wheel locks do a great job of safeguarding your aftermarket wheels from getting easily stolen in unlit parking lots, or any other areas with high car parts theft cases. As you can see, there up to four different types of wheel locks. And the best type for you depends on your personal needs and requirements.

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