How To Unlock Combination Lock Without A Code?

For years, the combination locks have enjoyed wide usage for the top-level security they come with. They securely lock up your things such that no unauthorized people can gain access to them without your permission.

But the most frustrating part about these locks comes when you forget the code you selected when locking up your stuff.

Most people would think of cutting the lock…but in this post I’ll share with you an easier, more effective method of unlocking your combination lock.

(Actually, I’ll show you up to two effective methods for doing this)

Let’s go…

Method #1: Crack The Code (Yes, you can do it!)

The first and the most effective method you should always try whenever you misplace your combination code is trying to crack the code.

This is how you do it:

  • Pull the body of your lock away from your locker (or what it’s secured to) and hold it in that position

The idea behind this action is to create some constant tension between your lock body and latch. This allows you to easily hear and feel the lock dialer as it reaches the numbers in your combination code and the mechanism engages.

  • Next, start turning your lock dial anti-clockwise until you get a clicking sound (signaling the mechanism is engaging). Turn your dial to achieve additional two numbers (no more than that). Note down the number your dial is on- this is basically the first number in your forgotten number and will help you later.
  • Now turn your dial clockwise (to the left)…immediately it stops, don’t force it any further. Note down the number where the dial stands at- this is the second number in your 3-number code.

Ensure you continue pulling your lock body.

  • Eventually, turn your lock dial anti-clockwise until it opens and note down the number where the dialer stands- this is the last number in your code. Write it down as well so that you now have the full combination code.

Method #2: Use Your Lock’s Serial Number

Some combination locks come with a serial number stamped on them, others don’t. If yours has this number, try this method…

  • Write down the serial number on a piece of paper (or anywhere else). Once you note it down, you’ve three options to follow to successfully unlock your belongings:

1. Take the lock to your seller/distributor and request them to contact the lock manufacturer to help you with the combination code.


  • You can directly submit the serial number to the lock manufacturer. You can do this by first visiting their official site to see if they offer this service.


  • What if the lock belongs to a school, your workplace etc.? In such cases, feel free to contact the administrators as they might be having a number of combination based on your lock serial number.

Final Verdict

Now you have it; the two simple solutions to unlocking your combination lock. Next time you forget your combination code, you don’t have to rush for a hacksaw and spend an hour trying to cut your lock’s shackle.

Just try any of the methods I’ve shared with you above and you’ll gain entry to your locker (and your stuff).

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